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Tanzania National Youth Assembly

It organizes and conducts a national wide, regional and global Youth Conference that focuses on enhancing youth creativity that will lead to boost the capacity of young people to be a source of solutions for the most pressing issues facing our communities, this includes expanding entrepreneurship creativity, question of ethical leadership and good governance, Climate change and employment. In this case, The Trust shall be focus in conducting and organizing the “Tanzania National Youth Assembly” which focuses in enhancing youth creativity which will be inspired and motivated by Inspirational leaders who will act as Advisers and Chancellors of the young people on ways to succeed and enhancing their creativity.

Vijana Assembly engages young people and citizens in the free and independent platform of “Tanzania National Youth Assembly” to debate and discuss about Entrepreneurship and employment, Leadership and good governance, girls and women rights, Climate change, health care systems, education, Sustainable Development and making their voice, opinion and solution heard.

Tanzania National Youth Assembly Nov 2016. Dodoma

The Tanzania National Youth Assembly is the largest and newest-running youth conference at the National level in Tanzania and East Africa.  It is a unique platform which fosters dialogue, generates new ideas and partnerships between exceptional youth, National and Global high officials, the private sector, and civil society.

The Tanzania National Youth Assembly phase II, will take place at the Chimwaga hall, in the University of Dodoma within Dodoma region, on November 11-13 and will focus on empowering youth leaders and young professionals to be the source of innovative solutions for the most pressing issues facing our Tanzanian communities in general. We aim to bring more than 1,500 young people, development practitioners and stakeholder in the upcoming Assembly.

Youth are strong forces in social movements, youth are problem solvers. Our nations need them to resolve most of our problems. The nation is facing a lot of problems, and Vijana Assembly believes that the youths are capable of solving them. They just need to be given a chance to prove themselves.

The Tanzania National Youth Assembly is at the focal point of transition, an ideal time and place to prepare youth for their role in the world they are poised to inherit. By not only informing them of issues but also giving them the tools to tackle these issues, the Youth Assembly transforms vision into action as delegates better themselves, their community, and eventually the world.

The Tanzania National Youth Assembly is made possible through lead endorsement of different partnership between the Vijana Assembly and local private institutions and Individuals. Pre

Enhancing the creativity of young people to be a source of solutions in most pressing challenges facing communities so as to achieve sustainable development on the individual, local, and global levels.

The project developed and launched for the first time in April 2016 in a collaboration between Vijana Assembly and Enkisuma Trust Fund aimed at organizing youth inspirational summit for cultivating youth development. Since 2015, a team of dedicated core staff and a network of officials, organizations, and tireless volunteers have maintained this unique platform to allow youth to find solutions to today’s development issues in Tanzania and beyond.

The “Tanzania National Youth Assembly” is the recognized as the largest and newest running youth conference at the national level in Tanzania. Over the course of our previous sessions, 1,200 youth from all over the East African country developed a better understanding of the various practices and ways to transform their ideas into reality specifically in creative ways.

After the two-day conference in April 2016, delegates left the assembly with the knowledge and resources they needed to make a genuine and ongoing change in their communities.

Former Tanzania National Youth Assembly delegates have gone on to become well-known and highly influential actors in the national and international arena and most of them have been able to establish, founded and running their own innovative projects within their organization to solve different challenges facing our communities.